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Born in Los Angeles, CA and raised in Orange County, San Francisco, and New York, Mark Palmer is the most sought-after Ambigram artist in the world. His background in formal calligraphy, illuminated lettering and graffiti art combine to give him nearly fifteen years of experience with typography, and culminated in his discovery of the Ambigram art form in early 2004.

Since then, Palmer has created nearly twenty thousand Ambigrams for extremely satisfied clients. Most of his Ambigram designs are paid the highest tribute possible as permanent tattoos in the skin of tattoo collectors all over the world. And, while he considers anyone with one (or more) of his Ambigram tattoos as a celebrity, some notable collectors who have commissioned Palmer for tattoo artwork include: Deron Williams, Tim Duncan, Jordan Farmar , Dee Snyder, Toryn Green, Bryan Hopkins, Mike Portnoy, LeVar Burton, Kristen Renton, and many others…

Palmer’s tattoo art has exposed his talent to the world, and has also brought corporate clients knocking. He has had the unique opportunity to work with companies such as Porsche, Nike, Jack and Jones Denim, Australian Gold, Qwest, and others in developing innovative Ambigram treatments for advertising campaigns, logos, packaging and other media.

Palmer spends much of his time producing original Ambigram artwork in his private studio and running Wow Designs Inc. (the exclusive publisher/licensor of his Ambigram artwork), as well as Wow Tattoos, Red Chapter Clothing and providing all of the Ambigram artwork for Glyphusion, Inc. Palmer currently resides in sunny Southern California.

Aiden / Emily Aidan / Lilian Breathe Camila / Cinthia Elijah Frida Friedman Garcia / Family Heretic Hershey Holly %26 Georgia Hope / Charity / Faith Jack / Finn / Axel James / Psalms Jenna / Wyatt Kassidy Marlee / Dustin Marroquin Matthew Matthew / Whitfield Maya / Kasia Merismos Michael / Andrew Natalia / Jordan Netascha / Mitchell Norton Pangilinan / Colin %26 Blake Parkle Penelope / Faithful Penny / Brian Plaskey / Brothers Pokoj / Peace Ralphie / Jocelyn Riley Rodriguez Sasha / Kieran Spider / Harris Tantani / Brittany Thomas / Amanda Velma Walker / Brantley

Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde Hybridity Magic Trick Myths and Legends Resurrection Singularity Thank You

Basketball / Team Player Bridge The Gap Crossroads / God's Family Denim With Attitude Denim With Attitude Denim With Attitude Dexter Fat Kid Tattoo Fist 2 Face Ink House Jack %26 Jones Denim Painless / Dentistry Pala Pride Secret Societies Slavery / Freedom The Hype Virtuoso Arts Wicked iAmbigram

Founded in 2005, Wow Tattoos is the home of Mark Palmer’s Ambigram tattoo design service. At, you can:

-Browse thousands of pre-drawn Mark Palmer Ambigrams that are available in a format perfect for tattoos.
-Commission Mark to draw a custom Ambigram tattoo just for you.
-Order tattoo books or tattoo flash (with stencils) for your tattoo shop.
-Explore the amazing Glyphusion Ambigram tattoo generator that can create Mark Palmer Ambigrams on the fly in two popular lettering styles.
-Browse a gallery of hundreds of satisfied clients with Ambigram tattoos by Mark Palmer.
-Contact Mark directly regarding the feasibility/price of a particular custom Ambigram.

Founded in 2008, Red Chapter Clothing is the world’s first and only line of premium rocker apparel based entirely on Ambigram artwork.

Fanatical dedication to excellence and tireless research and development have led Red Chapter to only the highest quality raw materials, fits, dye/chemical treatments, printing techniques and embellishment finishes. These attributes coupled with 100% hand-drawn, one-of-a-kind artwork have brought critical acclaim and support from celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, rock icon Corey Taylor of Slipknot, and media outlets like the California Apparel news who wrote a glowing article about how Red Chapter Clothing is doing something unique in an industry that, until now, thought they had seen it all. Red Chapter Clothing is a joint venture between Mark Palmer, his older brother Ryan Palmer, and his best friend Bryan Hopkins, lead singer of the Hollywood -based rock band Paperback Hero.

Founded in 2008, Glyphusion, Inc. is a joint venture between Ambigram artist Mark Palmer and software developer Mark Hunter.

Glyphusion is a highy sophisticated tool developed by software developer Mark Hunter that uses Ambigram artwork drawn by Mark Palmer to generate custom Ambigrams in two of Palmer’s most popular lettering styles. Unfortunately, the Generator cannot return a successful Ambigram solution 100% of the time. However, the Generator has nearly a 90% success rate and is considered far superior to other attempts at automating the creation of complex-solution Ambigrams. The Glyphusion Ambigram Generator is available for license, and is currently being used for unique personalization in the jewelry/collectible space and is also featured on as an alternative to Palmer’s more expensive hand-drawn design service.

If you’d like to commission Mark Palmer to draw an original Ambigram for use as a tattoo, logo, book cover, album cover, or any other usage, please contact us for price quotes:

No matter what the usage, Mark Palmer would love to work with you to create a unique piece of original Ambigram artwork.

The stunning works of Ambigram art created by Mark Palmer are available for product licensing.

If you are interested in licensing Mark Palmer artwork for your products, publication or other usage, please contact:

March 21, 2010 - No Events scheduled for the next month or so...Mark is currently chained to his desk working on Red Chapter's Spring 2012 collection. 

March 21st, 2011 - Exciting things are definitely in the works on all fronts...keep your ears to the ground over the next few months for all the craziness that is sure to ensue...